our Boba Tea and other delicacies

Bubble tea with milk

Milk Tea

Vegan options & Gluten free

Matcha , Taro, Jasmine milk tea and our traditional brun sugar milk tea

boba tea

Fruit Tea

Vegan & Gluten free

Some freshly brewed tea leafs, a couple drops of tasty fruit juice and the deliciously mellow boba.

Ice cream

Bubble Snow

Gluten free

A big scoop of soft ice cream with a layer of fruit juice and some appetizing boba.

It's more than just tea

Taro leaf

For our past self

This plant is believed to be one of the first that has been cultivated by our species. When you pour yourself a taro tea, you are walking in the footsteps of our common story and are reminded that you can decide to rewrite yours.


For our present self

Matcha powder has unique properties such as awareness and stress-reducing effects which are essential to practice focus and well-being. This tea will help you ground yourself in the moment and let go of what you cannot control.

Jasmin flower

For our futur self

In northern China, Jasmine tea is often used has a welcoming gesture. A cup hold the delicate taste of possibility. You share this gift with people you would like to connect with and get to know on a deeper level.

Black Tea VS Green Tea

Both are made from the same plant : Camellia sinensis

Black tea

Black tea is made from the same leaves that the ones brewed to make green tea. The major difference lies into what happens after the harvest. Indeed, the black color comes from the oxydation of the leaves which were first rolled then exposed to the air and it is this process that will give the tea its intense flavour.

In fact, black tea is known to be the strongest of all kind of tea (green, yellow, white, fermented, etc).

Green tea

Contrary to black tea, green tea is handled with special care to prevent any oxydation resulting in a lighter taste. Several types of green tea exist. Each one taste quite different based on factors like the time of harvest, the variety of C. sinensis, the growing conditions, production and horticultural methods, etc.

You will have to go on a delightful hunt to determine which one you prefer. 

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